FinTech or FauxTech – Are Banks Really Serious About Innovation?

Last night, Cambrian Consulting hosted its latest panel discussion with over 40 of our clients and partners to explore how the new boys (and girls) on the FinTech block interact with the old-school banks, who are scared stiff about being disrupted.

Panelists from UBS, BoA Merrill, FinTech Collective and Advizr provided some fabulous insights, (grisly war stories and best practices) into the wild world of Robo-advisers, Crypto-currencies, Peer-to-peer payments, block-chains and loans-on-your phone.

Although some banks are clearly playing at being innovators (with a focus on splashy press-releases and FinTech code-athon prizes), there is a growing feeling that the true leaders are getting much more serious about real collaboration and innovation, either through acquiring FinTech companies or taking meaningful stakes and implementing real solutions that add to more assets and bottom-line profits.

Thank you again to ThinkRise for hosting us and to all the panelists for their illuminating insights.

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